This is a strange one for me. Those who know me will attest to my advance case of canine indifference. It’s not that I hate dogs (although I’m sure psychologists would have a field day with my childhood terror of the fierce hound that used to live at the bottom of our road when I was a toddler). I just don’t get them and am baffled at those who can happily still enjoy a lovely walk in the country at while at the same time carry a warm steaming bag of excrement.

Anyway, I was commissioned to produce another bespoke notebook for my photographer/Dieter Rams enthusiast mate who belongs to that crowd who go all gooey over their various pooches so thought I’d reflect the obvious joy he gets out of this inexplicable relationship and theme his notebook accordingly. I believe he quite likes it and is equally surprised that I followed this particular route.

Image of said dog printed on front cover cloth. Back cover slogan stencil cut and inlaid. Bradel binding with separate spine.
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